Asmik Ace Entertainment’s adventure game LSD DREAM EMULATOR was launched for the PlayStation in 1998. In LSD, the player wanders across bizarre settings. The only things the player can move, or touch are those that will warp them to a different location. Japanese artist Osamu Sato, who disapproved of games and preferred to use the PlayStation as a platform for modern art creation, came up with the idea for the game. The idea for the game came from a dream journal that an Asmik Ace employee had kept for more than ten years.

What is the point of LSD: Dream Emulator?

LSD: Dream Emulator is an exploration game described as a “playable dream” in which the player explores surrealistic environments without overarching goals.

Is there an end to LSD?

When Day 365 of LSD: Dream Emulator concludes, a video cutscene that serves as the ending automatically begins. There is background music playing, “Come on and. ” The game’s main menu opens when the video concludes.